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Digital Equine Imaging

Raising the Standard of Equine X-Ray Imaging

Del Mar Vet is the only practice in North America that uses mobile digital imaging equipment, beneficial for imaging at any location, enhancing images and sharing files across the Internet.  We provide digital imaging using new state-of-the-art technology that has recently become widely accepted to the veterinary sector.

Digital radiography produces a highly-refined image which is useful for evaluating both orthopedic and soft-tissue problems. The image can be digitally enlarged and enhanced to reveal problems that cannot be identified using less advanced imaging or traditional x-ray technologies.

Images from digital radiography can be stored in a variety of media and formats.  They are easily archived with patient records and are available electronically throughout the world over the Internet, by simply using your web browser to view the images.



·         Equine Imaging is a completely mobile digital imaging service. Our technology and team are available to travel to farms, shows and sales events to accommodate all of your radiographic needs.

Quick and Easy

·        Individual X-rays can be taken and viewed in less than 2 minutes.

·        No film or chemicals are used.


·    Images can be digitally enlarged and/or enhanced.

·    Images can be stored in various formats.

·    Globally accessible files.  Prospective buyers and their veterinarians can access these images on–line anywhere in the world via the Internet before, during and after the sale.

High Quality

 ·        Heightens owner and buyer confidence by providing the most highly-defined and in-depth studies that modern technology allows.

Ideal for Horse Sales

·          We travel to your location.

·     X-rays can be reviewed on-site within minutes.

·    X-rays can be shared and viewed with prospective buyers and/or veterinarians over the   Internet.


Call us today to set up your digital imaging appointment.

Phone:   858.350.3113                  

Email:  info@delmarvet.com





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